Natixis Services in India 

Based in Bengaluru, Natixis Services in India* is fully integrated into the Asia Pacific organization of Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB). 


It is Natixis CIB APAC's new innovation and technology hub, and its center of expertise, delivering operational services (Global Financing Operations, Global Market Operations, Information Technology, KYC, and Master agreements). Natixis Services in India supports the Natixis CIB Asia Pacific client experience strategy and ensures the agility of the APAC platform by focusing on innovative technological solutions to increase operational efficiencies, while building on its resiliency.


Through collaboration with Natixis Services in India, Natixis CIB Asia Pacific enhances its capabilities as a Lab to identify and implement emerging technology trends and innovative solutions


*Natixis Services in India is legally registered as “Natixis Global Services India (NGSI)” and is a non-regulated and wholly owned private limited company.


At Natixis Services in India, we are always on the lookout for talented people with the skills and outlook to contribute to Natixis’ growth in Asia Pacific. Should you have interest in joining our team, please send your resume and an overview of your objectives and position. 


"Natixis Global Services India allows us to foster greater collaboration and achieve agile working methods that maximizes Natixis’ resources in Asia Pacific, strengthens our regional technology and operating infrastructure, and ultimately allows us to provide faster and more innovative solutions for our clients."

Nilesh Iyer 
Chief Executive Officer, Natixis Global Services India 



Natixis Services in India

Unit 02, 2nd Floor 
Victor Building 
Pattandur Agrahara 
Karnataka 560066

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