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Issue 6


I am delighted to once again be celebrating International Women’s Day –specifically in the context of our M&A franchise, and for the second time since we established our M&A Pulse in APAC. In this issue of M&A Pulse in APAC, our team has taken the opportunity to hear advice from the talented women across our M&A network.

A letter to my younger self

The women across our M&A network share career advice to their younger selves



While Global M&A surged in 2021, China cross-border M&A slumped – so, which areas are active and where do the opportunities lie?


Alicia Garcia Herrero, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific, Natixis

China Overseas M&A Monitor - 2021: China's Outbound M&A Continues to Shrink

During 2021, the Chinese economy slowed down after surging in the first quarter, resulting in the deceleration in corporate profit growth rate. At the same time, the Chinese government increased regulatory scrutiny on several activities, including the real estate sector, which exerted downward pressure on the growth of the corporate investment.

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Mergers & Acquisitions: Will 2022 be Another Record Year?

Marc Vincent, Global Head of M&A at Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking, outlines the reasons behind the success of the company’s multi-boutique model and gives us his take on the market and the outlook for 2022.


Azure Capital Makes Senior Appointments to Support Growth

Azure Capital announced the appointment of three new Partners to support its continued growth as one of Australia’s leading financial advisory firms.

Private Equity Surges in China as Broader M&A Market Stalls

Miranda Zhao shared her views on attractive sectors.


Raghu Narain spoke to TVB Pearl about SPACs in Hong Kong


Outlook 2022: What does the economic horizon hold?

Raghu Narain shared his views on ECM, DCM, M&A  outlook for 2022.

Foreign Capital Invests More Wisely Amid China Clampdowns

Miranda Zhao shared her views on the sectors attracting investor appetite.

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A recap of our deals through 2021



Phil Prenc

Phil Prenc

Azure Capital

Ross Rugdee

Ross Rugdee

Azure Capital

Alex Dykes

Alex Dykes

Azure Capital

Kim Hince

Kim Hince

Azure Capital

Angus Miles

Angus Miles

Azure Capital

Adam Thomson

Adam Thomson

Azure Capital


Eyeing a Merger or Acquisition? Keep ESG at the Top of your Mind

There is a growing recognition that ESG considerations play a decisive role at every step of the M&A process, from target selection through to post-merger integration.

There’s Too Much SPAC-Cash

Over the past two years, it has felt like almost everyone — from Jay-Z to Shaq O’Neal to Bill Ackman — had listed a cash shell on the stock market

Why Diversity Audits Are Essential in Mergers & Acquisitions

Those investing in or acquiring companies should review workplace culture, as part of due diligence, to ensure the acquisition target shares the same diversity, equity, and inclusion values.

The Market For Crypto M&A Surged Nearly 5,000% In 2021

It was a good year for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. But none of those individual assets can compare to the explosion of activity that occurred in the market for buying and selling crypto companies.

M&A deals in China and Hong Kong Hit Record High as Market Brushes Aside Economic Headwinds

The number of mergers and acquisitions in China and Hong Kong rose nearly 20 per cent to a record high last year despite headwinds from a slowing economy and sporadic Covid-19 outbreaks, according to Mergermarket.

Australia’s M&A Boom Shows No Sign of Stopping

In 2021, pent-up demand for M&A and the low cost of debt fuelled dealmaking to historical highs. Total Australian deal value reached $306 billion, a 225% increase over 2020 ($94 billion). 

Hong Kong Set to Overtake Singapore in SPAC Market, With Help From Mainland Sponsors

Hong Kong is quickly catching up with Singapore in the race to be Asia’s leading market for IPOs using special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), drawing on strong support from corporate giants across the border in mainland China.

5 Reasons Why Fintech M&A is Hitting New Highs

Fintechs are motivated to engage in M&A for several reasons, including broadening the services they offer, overtaking the competition, or covering more geographic territory.

Gaming Deals Top January Media, Telecom M&A

The gaming sector saw an M&A surge during the month of January, raising questions about what the rest of the year might bring for players in the space.

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