As the world focuses more resolutely on its climate change goals, we are seeing an inevitable increase of investment into new energy power sources as businesses seek to transition their operations from brown to green.

Jules Pleumeekers                                                                                                            Managing Director                                                       ...

Jules Pleumeekers
Managing Director
Vermilion Partners

China outbound M&A has  taken the headlines in recent years, both in terms of government attention and media coverage.
Driven by loose...

By Miranda Zhao
Covid-19 barreled into 2020 like an unprecedented tsunami, disrupting all aspects of our lives, from personal endeavors to business pursuits.

By Raghu Narain
Covid-19 has propelled mankind into uncharted territory. As we collectively grapple with this unexpected catastrophe on a humanitarian level, the global M&A market is also navigating unprecedented challenges.