Australia | Editorial

2021 was a remarkable year for M&A, but profound changes have clearly reshaped the market. It has become increasingly defined by one common factor: Diversification

Asian exchanges have been reluctant to embrace the all-popular IPO structures but that might be set to change – now that Singapore has introduced its framework, will others follow?

2020 was a turbulent year in every respect. For M&A in Asia Pacific, first-half activities fell to their lowest levels since the global financial crisis. But starting from the third quarter, we witnessed a dramatic up-tick.

Covid-19 has brought to forefront the immense value-add a strong, well-functioning board can bring to an organization – and conversely the adverse effects that one lacking these attributes can manifest. The relevance of an ongoing, constructive, engagement with a strong collaborative board has increased in current volatile and uncertain environment.

While the world continues to grapple with the impact of the pandemic and M&A activities suffer severe disruptions, businesses have started to adapt their strategic activities to this new environment and some structural changes have emerged.

By Miranda Zhao
Covid-19 barreled into 2020 like an unprecedented tsunami, disrupting all aspects of our lives, from personal endeavors to business pursuits.

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