Dear Delphine...

Delphine Le Court
Director, Mergers & Acquisitions
Natixis CIB Asia Pacific

Dear younger Delphine,


It’s been years now since our last discussion and you've already moved to 3 different cities!


I am here today again to give you advice and to try and guide you on your next steps.


Trust in Yourself - Everything happens for a reason, so never regret the choices you make. Without mistakes and failures, you would not have learned and wouldn’t know what you do now.


Take Risks -  Do not hesitate to take risks and make your decisions based on what you think is  best for you. You will always end up learning something from it. Even if things do not evolve the way you thought they should do it is not necessary a failure and not everything can always be controlled.


Focus on One Thing at a Time - I know you love doing many things at the same time but try to focus your energy on the things that make you vibe.


Think 'Big Picture' and Make a Plan - Ask yourself what exactly you want to achieve for the next 10 years and make it a priority. 


But most of all, enjoy your journey and make it your own.

Delphine in 2022



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